ARC Healthcare is a results-driven and solution-focused company that specializes in designing and delivering scalable solutions for the healthcare and insurance industries. We are your trusted partner for Provider Network Development, Consulting, and Support Services.

Network Development

We are experts in building and expanding high-performing provider networks, while delivering operationally efficient and cost-effective network management services.


Our innovative consultants are solutions focused experts, who develop optimized workflows, create efficiencies, and improve processes.

Support Services

Scalable and customizable support services that provide real-time virtual assistance to address targeted and enterprise-wide business issues.

When and Where You Need It Most

ARC Healthcare is ready to provide expert support in provider network development, healthcare consulting, rapid response call center services, and telehealth support and education. We have global resources, that engage local, state, and government programs. Our real world operational experience managing customized solutions, to address complex decisions while ensuring your networks remain high performing, cost-effective, and aligned with your strategic goals.


Clients Proudly Served


What our Clients are Saying


ARC Healthcare partners with organizations to help serve some of the most vulnerable and at-risk communities across the United States and around the globe. In the coming weeks and months, our work will have greater importance as citizens turn to their providers for information and assistance in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Most importantly, our priority in our COVID-19 response is the health and safety of our employees.

Since the onset of this pandemic, I have focused the Company’s resources and expertise on addressing the most urgent challenges posed by COVID-19. Our key objectives include:

Assisting our employees who may need to miss work and ensuring no one feels compelled to work if they feel ill or have direct contact with someone who has COVID-19

Adapting our operations to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees as well as the people they serve

Working with our clients and operations teams to procure resources and technology to transition more employees to work remotely

Helping the public access information and assistance from essential local and state health and safety-net programs

The decisions we are making in response to COVID-19 align with the Company’s mission and the values all ARC Healthcare team members share.