Amanda Ratliff

Chief Executive Officer & Partner

Amanda is a natural leader possessing spiritual insights which guides her ethics and moral compass. This helps her maintain a clear path which is guided by God’s vision for her life. She has worked effortlessly to develop a strong, faith filled team who respects and loves one another in all the work they do. The team is rock solid which gives her trusting faith that her team will always exemplify and give glory to Christ. Amanda delivers on what she says, understands the importance of meeting people where they are, and always aims to provide helpful advice. Serving and helping others find their hearts desire is her passion. She has worked in the Managed Care and Contracting arena for nearly 20 years. Her strength is provider data management, system functionality, creating user satisfaction by streamlining systems and cutting waste wherever possible. She started out in the commercial insurance industry overseeing claims and provider services functions. She worked with several managed care organizations, including a newly formed Medicaid plan in Ohio during their start-up phase. She has successfully built provider, ancillary, hospital, vision, dental and behavioral health networks in over 40 states, 300 markets, for 20+ top health plan partners throughout her career. She loves “figuring things out”, while never cutting corners, and finding solutions to complex issues. She found her niche and focused in to acquire the knowledge needed to be one of the best in her industry. In 2012, she felt a calling to step out in faith and launched a dynamic team of resources to support the industry. The company’s services include; physician or direct payer contracting, credentialing and renegotiation support, provider data management, directory consulting, HSD tables, hospital contracting, single case agreement processing, negotiations, data analytics, reporting and so much more. Through many positive experiences, clients have come to know that she aims to deliver on promises. Her priority is client satisfaction, friendly customer service, and making things right if they ever go wrong. Amanda believes the future of healthcare is now. Her desire to help others is transparent as she is currently working to increase community awareness and meet people where they are with the love and compassion we are called to have. She is excited about seeing coordinated care teams improve health outcomes and the quality of a long-lasting life for the most vulnerable.

Her goal has always remained steady: to help people succeed in whatever they strive to do, and to bring glory to God. Less of me and more of him. Her Christ centered philosophy and faith are her strength and it is consistently proven by her passion to help others. Her efforts are beginning to change healthcare for our future in America.
You will be known by the fruits you bear – Matthew 7:15-20