Our innovative consultants are solutions focused experts, who develop optimized workflows, create efficiencies, and improve processes.

Business Process Development and Redesign:
We review organization and business processes to map current “as is” processes; identify gaps/opportunities for improvement; recommend “to be” processes; implement recommended strategies; and evaluate the success of recommended strategies.

Policy and Procedure for Review and Development
Our consultants conduct a review of current policy/procedure to compare with national standards, best practices, and Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) federal outcomes. We then develop or redesign policy and procedures to align with best practices and national and federal standards.

Quality Assurance (QA)
Our consultants design a QA system, including identification of key indicators and outcomes, and strategies for measuring outcomes/indicators; implement the QA system; and evaluate the implemented system.
Comprehensive Needs Assessment
We conduct a review of agency policy and procedure, business processes, training, quality assurance and funding strategies; identify areas of need or opportunities for improvement; recommend strategies for improvement, assist with implementation of recommendations; and evaluate the success of implemented practices.