At ARC Healthcare, we are results-driven and solution-focused. We work to ensure our clients are getting the best value and are up to date with the latest changes and innovations in the industry.

We Negotiate for You
Our organization provides the knowledge and staffing efficiencies to manage clients on an ongoing basis. We possess best practices for growth and quality negotiations customized to position your organization within a highly competitive and evolving industry. ARC Healthcare is a trusted partner for leading change and delivering innovative approaches in health plan operations.

Network Development Team
Our team of experts embody dedication, desire and dependability. We provide exceptional managed care resources, contracting and educational services to our clients, with a priority set for achieving ongoing quality assurance while controlling cost.

We support our clients by specializing in the following services:

  • Network Development
  • Big Data Analytics & Governance
  • Billing
  • Provider Contracting & Credentialing
  • Single Case Agreements

Network Development Performance:
Contracting Strategies and Negotiating Techniques
Aligning Contracting Options and Products
Contract Metrics Management
Enhance Value Based Contracts
Provide customized Emerging Business Models
Risk-based Managed Care Solutions

Managed Care Data and Network Operations:
Methodical and purposeful provider interactions, network operations and end-to-end data management are significant components to health plan success. ARC Healthcare delivers valuable experience:

• Provider Training for Payers and Population Health
• Contracting and educational services to our provider or payer partners
• Provider data consistency, integrity and transparency.
• Physician, Ancillary, and Hospital Contracting and Credentialing
• Provider Directory Accuracy and Provider Data Validation
• Customized Solutions

Satisfaction is Key:
We are dedicated to providing services that encompasses an approach that delivers on a promise of satisfaction. We strive to maximize our services, so they are aligned with respect to our universal goal for quality and effective healthcare.

ARC Healthcare provides services to our healthcare clients to ensure stabilization and growth to their revenue streams with direct focus on the evolving transition within Managed Care. We want to ensure our clients are highly satisfied with work performed, and their individual goals are met. Your satisfaction and our commitment to you is our top priority!

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