Why ARC Healthcare for
Network Development?

At ARC Healthcare, we work with our partner managed care organizations and clients to develop strategic and actionable provider network development plans. Each plan is built to hit milestones timely, and keep network adequacy in mind throughout the process. The team at ARC also builds in reporting and data analytics into our day-to-day operations to keep clients informed of progress on a regular basis.

Network Development starts with an initial market analysis and includes review of current payors in the region, available providers and hospitals, and looking at potential beneficiaries that will be covered by the plan. By reviewing all of these, ARC Healthcare assists and guides clients to a network development methodology that makes sense. In having a strategic plan upfront, payors are more likely to obtain success and meet contractual and regulatory guidelines.

Once a Network Development Plan is developed, ARC Healthcare begins targeting providers for recruitment. In order to develop a successful and adequate network, ARC Healthcare knows that data is key. Some of the benefits clients will gain by using ARC Healthcare to build their provider network include:

  • ARC Healthcare can build a provider network with or without provider data! Payors can bring their listing of providers for recruitment, or ARC Healthcare can provide a quality list of providers for any build.
  • Key market knowledge by many of our Executive Network Development consultants.
  • Boots on the ground or by phone! We create the relationship and prepare the provider to start working directly with the plan.
  • Throughout the network development and recruitment process, regular updates and analysis on network adequacy is provided.

Other Network Development services offered by ARC Healthcare:

  • Credentialing
  • Provider and contract management software
  • Strategic planning for network development
  • Provider directory development and maintenance
  • Network adequacy reporting