Provider Contracting & Credentialing

When a provider chooses to become part of a network, a contract needs to be signed. When negotiating contracts that govern the provision and payment of healthcare services delivered by providers to members of the plan, the all-important rate of pay needs to be established, along with other essential components.

Whether you are looking for the right payers with which to contract, or a credentialing application to develop, maintain or grow your network, ARC Healthcare can help. We provide comprehensive and accurate Physician, Ancillary, and Hospital Contracting and Credentialing. Our proprietary tools keep track of who needs credentialed while excelling at prioritizing those provider contracts that should be sought first.

One of the first steps in the contracting process is credentialing. Credentialing is used to uniformly gather information to determine a provider’s ability to participate in a network. Specifically, it is the process of verifying the qualifications and backgrounds of professionals or organizations. Credentialing is an ongoing process and is the responsibility of the provider to update their information regularly.

ARC Healthcare takes the guesswork out of the entire Provider Contracting and Credentialing process. Our experts not only get providers the agreements needed in a timely manner, we also identify and align resources to meet credentialing and other objectives. This ensures the successful delivery of contracts and management of the network.

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