Support Services
Scalable and customizable support services that provide real-time virtual assistance to address targeted and enterprise-wide business issues.

Telehealth Support Services

Conditions resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic have fostered changes within the healthcare industry.  As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the healthcare industry is adapting to changes in patient care protocols, including the emergence of Telehealth as a primary means to provide care.  These changes are pushing organizations to plan for, investigate, and potentially implement a Telehealth strategy.  As a leader in the healthcare industry, healthcare providers must continue to emphasize a caring and quality-of-care environment.  In support of their commitment to providing a caring and quality healthcare offering, many organizations will need a Telehealth strategy.  Once developed, the telehealth strategy will outline the business processes required to implement Telehealth.  The strategy should also include the impact of Telehealth on billing and claims, the provider network, and new technology options. 

  • ARC Healthcare utilizes our EASY Telehealth™ strategy designed to assist in quickly identifying the goals and requirements required to inform a functional Telehealth strategy.
  • The ARC Healthcare team works to identify and document the beneficiary, provider, and corporate financial goals. 
  • We assemble a set of telehealth technology options.  Technology options include the software, business processes, and training required for a successful Telehealth strategy.

Scalable Call Center Outsourcing

Rapid Response Call Center services provide qualified, highly trained personnel with the singular purpose of providing our partners and their customers with the very best call center services.  Our personnel selection, training and mentoring processes put our people to work with extraordinary tools to meet your needs.

  • The call center’s virtual infrastructure breaks down regional barriers, so we can engage no matter where our providers are located.
  • We deliver HIPAA-compliant support that enables effective person-to-person communication.
  • U.S. based live agents provide inbound and outbound call center services.